D.J.W.WebWorks provides interactive websites and (back-office) applications. D.J.W.WebWorks is aimed at minimalism and functional simplicity, turning conceptually complex problems into a workable, user-friendly solution.


  • VisionEsta

    Webbased strategy management software. Besides completely developing the software, also participated extensively in the conceptual brainstroms. More at VisionEsta.com. (2016)

  • Who'dWoD

    Very extensive registration system for gyms, fitness centers, CrossFit-boxes, etc. It is built upon the two basic principles of minimalism and user-friendliness. More at WhodWoD.com. (2015)

  • Quintens (ISA)

    - PDF-generator, App-development and user-management for ISA's back-office application. (2010-2013)
    - Self-learning algorithms for prediction of products. (2013-2018)

  • Van de Velde NV

    - Accesible consulting of a large database and reading of the data. (2010)
    - Demonstrator-controller with GUI to control 3D-fittingmirror with synchronisation between tablet and mirror. (2012)
    - Prototype-controller with GUI to control 3D-fittingmirror with synchronisation tablet and mirror, and multiple enhancements, currently in use at multiple shops from Amsterdam to Munich to Hong Kong. (2014)

  • D.J.W. Laan

    was born in 1992. In 2010 he completed gymnasium. In 2014 he received his Bachelor's degree in Philosophy at the Erasmus University of Rotterdam. Starting in 2015, he's currently studying for his Master's degree in philosophy. From 2012 to 2015 he was the Chief Editor of the magazine of the Faculty of Philosophy - Twijfel.
    He is inspired by, among others, Deleuze, Kafka and Nietzsche and tries to incorporate their thoughts in his working practice, not only in this compact company, but also in his literature writings and life in general.



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    Rotterdam, Nederland
    KvK-nummer: 30283324